Sunday, January 16, 2011


S: Genesis 32 - 34  how awesome would it be and a big sigh of relief to know your brother wants to embrace you instead of kill you...

P:  Up early and at the gym to meet up with the Sibs.... with 3/4 represented... Sonja wanted to do a '5K' for the first time... and she did! yeah! 45 Min for her first!  Squirt and I did one next to her too... my iPod Nike plus says 36:44min... the treadmill said around 39min... either way at least a 5 minute improvement from the last one... and I ran 2 miles... (well 2, 1 miles) but heck I'm proud of myself and super proud of them!

Squirt & Sonja... 5 K complete.

C:  awesome Etsy store that launched this am... Inspire Lovely... and yes she does.
made this crafty wreath
valentines day- faded out

inspired by this...  that is another awe-some website...
Happy weekend. 

xoxo, HH

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