Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 30, 2011

S:  still nothing.  I guess sometimes I do other stuff.  Learning to let go.

P: Worked a lot today and then had a little night out on the town. so this was negated.

C:  Pub Trivia.  Mind sharpening. Good times.

which one... hum....
tangerine dream. blue moon I am not cheating on you.
pub wood fire oven pizza.
we won. yep. stoked.
oh I'll be back for the next trivia night. it was a grand-ol'-time.

xoxo, HH

March 29, 2011

S:  nothing.

P:  Went for the same loop run as yesterday.  A little better of a feeling.  Can't get enough of this new thing in the sky... the sun!
welcome Spring!
sunroof is open for business. 

C:  FINALLY the Southern twin came over for a little bit of scrapbooking... got a few pages done.. I think I'm getting slower... hump...

currents <3's...
so great to be creative non-the less... and I think I have decided that I REALLY need to go through all my stuff and organize it a little better.... weekend project? only if it really does get cloudy... otherwise I'll be out on my porch reading...

xoxo, HH

March 28, 2011

S: Matthew 26

P: went for a 2.9 run/ walk with Lily in the bright sunshine that was out... even broke out the visor.  so great! a nice reason to get back into the game.
I also made my calendar for marathon training tonight.  oh what a great 26 weeks it will be to get to the 26.2 mark.

C:  love some bright colors to match the sun that is shining on this Monday.
favorite accessory.
its always a great feeling to feel a little 'me' when I get dressed in the mornings... another reason to love Mondays...

xoxo, HH

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011

S:  Matthew 25

P: nada. but I still am eating healthy!
salad. apples. squaw. & blue moon.
C:  Lots of creative stuff today...
Started with the Studio Calico stuff going on sale...  April's kit that is... then I did a few hunts on Pinterest... 
then got off the computer to do real stuff...
off to the folks to say bye to the sister whom returned to school after spring break... punk.
then... Mom & I headed to town where I proceeded to buy a few new things at TJ Maxx... (love that store)... they had 4 packages of Thickers for 4.99... um yeah they came home with me.... and I have been thinking citron and gray and lots of white for my bedroom so I found a blanket that I liked there too...  (I also had a few items from Ross that I bought a few months ago...) so after grabbing a sweet tea at McD's I decided that hopefully winter is over and a day of spring cleaning my room was a good thing... so I redecorated too...
so fresh.
opposite side.
pebble bathroom.

happy with the change.

then when that was over I taught myself how to sew a zipper.... and made a small pouch...

zip it.

not the greatest end product, and I even had 3 tutorials by me... but I didn't understand them, so I did my own thing... it looks good for a 1st timer... I'll have to ask my mom how to really do it...

xoxo, HH

March 26, 2011

Smile its SATURDAY!

happy girls
S:  Matthew 24   be prepared. no one will know when HE returns. but there are signs. and note that earth will pass on but HIS words are forever.

on another note I was at a party in the evening and I was telling someone what I was up to... work, work, work, marathon, etc... and later she came back and said what an 'impressive young woman I am'... and I WISH I would have said 'its not me, its the Lord's doing'... I hate replaying conversations in my head.

P:  its a scary thing to tell people of such grand endeavors... its great for the support, but then its scary to let my mind think... what if I never do it... and don't succeed? mind quit the negative self talk!

Mom & Audrey
C:  not my typical creative things but my fam (5/6) wen to visit my cousins and I helped her get ready for her son's birthday... look at this buzz...

to infinity and beyond

cut out by mom, put together by me... I would have benefited from a degree in architecture for this one... trust me...
and I did a few other boards (pin the arm on Woody, and 'Cole's Room' bulletin board)...  all fun and helpful!  love a great busy Saturday.

xoxo, HH

March 25, 2011

S:  Matthew 23

Thankful. It was moving to say the least to go walked the wall for the Vietnam memorial.

freedom does not come free.

too many for words.

It was fantastic.  and surreal.  one guy left a budwiser and a butterfinger by someone's name. and another lady was doing a 'cheers' with a shot of alcohol to a name.  all moving and I'm sure they all have a story behind them.  go see it if its ever close by.

P: nothing.

C: tonight scraping a few things... (late night, no light, iPhone photos...)
am joe

new book markers
 fun to play with my craft stuff...

xoxo, HH

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 24, 2011

S: Matthew 22.

P:   It is SO freaking cold outside, I just did some housework. I think that should count.

C:  Having an evening to do whatever it was great.  Lots of web surfing... on my phone (too afraid my computer would shut off with a power outage)... and realizing I really REALLY really do want one of these...   and while I was surfing I was enjoying what has been my dessert as of recent...

a cup of tea & a cutie.
is Lent over yet?

xoxo, HH

March 23, 2011

S:  Matthew 22  taxes... seems to be fitting as I just finished rounding up all my papers...

P:  donated blood.
then rested (required) by going to the movies...

kick back and relax.
C:  Loved this movie.  But I think Jennifer Aniston is fantastic.

xoxo, HH

March 22, 2011

S: Matthew 21

P: when I did WW back in college I remember Mac N Cheese being worth like 11 points for a cup... but it still doesn't deter me from making it once in a while... love this stuff.
so me.
C: this photo is so me right now... counter is shiny clean constantly... finally home and its late... multi-tasking with checking other blogs (google reader style), twitter, facebook, or emails, while preparing something to eat... freezing in my house... and the coffee pot is ready to roll in the morning...

I finally ordered some photos to catch up on P365... and put them away... a few daily 'dairy' cards to finish and then it's all caught up! yes!

I did doodle some tonight while making a patient a new home exercise program... I must say I am quite the stick-person-drawer... add it to the talents list... ha ha ha

xoxo, HH

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 16, 2011

totally forgot to post this one... whoops!

S: Leviticus

P: gym time. slow and steady.

C:   regular day of working working working, working out...
co-coach... Ms. FREEr.

xoxo, HH

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

S: Leviticus 13-14

P: even with a late start I didn't make it to the gym... but I did get an unexpected workout shoveling some slush (snow) at work this morning, even made me sweat (yeah!)  and days on the pool deck like today make me long for some running gloves.
this is some motivation for you... I think I can do it.

C: I came home to the fam here and dinner cooked. oh how sweet that is.  and my house looking 'lived in'.  Love that she was doing homework on the counter...
homeworkin' it.
 and then so fun to lounge after dinner with them.
bright spot at the end of a gloomy day.
pinterest. go look. it really is awesome.

xoxo, HH

March 20, 2011

S: slept in through Church, these swim meets are killing my 8am church routine.

P: lazy. and made muffins. yeah that's gonna help.

C: Had an old friend over and one of her friends and the fam over for dinner (they are out of power).  It's nice when friends think that all the craft stuff is cool. just saying.

xoxo, HH

March 19, 2011

S: Leviticus 12

P: stayed awake through a freezing swim meet... I'm sure shivering burns one heck of a lot of calories.

C:  nothing but dreams of warmer places to run on today.

xoxo, HH

March 18, 2011

S:  thankful.

P:  So I have wanted a Kate Spade bracelet for a long time... but they never fit... but now they do... maybe this health thing is paying off!  (could be pricey!) so I bought me one... welcome to my new obsession...  I think this one is the next one... and I may get these for all my sisters for the marathon... well Kate has always been an obsession whom am I kidding... next goal is to fit into the LuLu Lemon gear. love them.  and I love this quote that was on a wall in their shop... 'If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you LOVE, you have to find the courage to live it!"

C: so much out there to do and see. and I think I need an iPad 2. that is all...

nighters from a comfy hotel room. yes!

xoxo, HH

March 17th, 2011

S: Leviticus

P:  Bought a Nike+ for the Squirt for her birthday so that she could go with me and track her runs! yeah!

C:  Happy 18th Birthday Squirt & Happy St. Patrick's Day!  totally sported green today!
a big bold happy 18th to the youngest

After dinner with the birthday girl (green green and more green)
and a little bit of computer swim work I then traveled home and stayed up WAY to late making/ organizing for this weekend's swim meet.  1 am and I are not friends, especially when 6 am is in the picture.

xoxo, HH

March 15, 2011

S: Humbled. note to self: in all cases set up a meet to win. hate the stress of losing.

P:  First league swim meet was at Kimball.. nice new pool but the AD & school had no clue about swimming so they lacked a few what I would consider 'vital' parts of running a meet, but none the less they have a heated pool... so they win...
don't rain on my parade

C: finally got me some Chipotle.  I just love their style of clean and simple but with some hand written words for texture. definitely makes me want to draw/ doodle.

xoxo, HH

March 14, 2011

S: Leviticus

P & C:  Worked out with Lily at the gym... did a nice and quick two miles..

smiling for the camera.

xoxo, HH

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 13, 2011

S: no church. 1 hour of sleep instead. (take that daylight savings time!)  Leviticus 10

P:  Went to the gym today. 5 k. run/ walk.

C: wrapped Squirts gift up all cute with a fun bow... then went and had a family dinner all 6 of us

joy and laughter

to celebrate the Squirt-n-ator... and enjoyed lots of laughs.  Love Sundays.

xoxo, HH

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 12, 2011

S: Leviticus 9

P:  Went on the big loop run this morning (5.5 miles)... felt alright... especially since I haven't been working out a bunch... I could feel that.  But I did it and survived.  I tried out my new water holder butt thing a ma jig and it was good.  it will take a little getting use to but overall enjoyable... and I tried out nuun (replacement drink) and ate some snacks along the way.. and that will take getting use to... I'm not game with the slimy stuff in the mouth while trying to breathe... once home I ate and then I got a migraine. STUPID! arg.  then I took a nap.

then veg-d with the sibling before dinner at the folks..
one couch, 4 sisters. 5 years ago - impossible. today - possible.
C: tonight we went to the theatre to see Hairspray with the fam (minus dad)! It was HILARIOUS!! 
I just love the arts!

xoxo, HH

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 11, 2011

S: day of rest

spring is coming.

P: day of rest

C: my mom bought me my own embroidery floss holder! hooray!

xoxo, HH

March 10, 2011

S: Leviticus 7

P:  Did a 40 minute treadmill workout. yep that is all I could muster. but I did it.

C: It was picture day for the swim team.  love this.
my kids.
and I came home to a new box of fun from Studio Calico
oh the possibilities.

I'm a happy girl!

xoxo, HH

March 9, 2011

S:  Leviticus 6  and Lent begins

P:  Worked out 1 mile on the treadmill (although it was the last thing I really wanted to do) and did some other mat exercises.
Lent: for the health of it... I'm giving up soda and sweets... yep sacrifice.
 coffee (read: mochas) is all good.
<3 the new green sleeve... money?

C:  creativity is zapped when you work so much...
work work work work work.
worked job 1 (regular job), worked job 2 (still orientation), grabbed food in the spare 20 minutes I had, worked job 3 (coach), and then worked out (which should be a job in itself considering the upcoming Marathon).  and then I slept.
I'm in no way complaining but its just really tiring.

xoxo, HH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8, 2011

S: Leviticus 5

P:  We had our first swim meet! whoop whoop!
go Sonora (& squirt!) go!
 and we won. but that's not the important part. good times at a great new pool!

C:  made a swim meet. that takes talent. trust me.

xoxo, HH

March 7, 2011

S:  today I was literally too tired to do more than go though all the things I had to do.

P:  made it though another day! woohoo! literally thought this one may have killed me.

C: for my mom's birthday we took a metal stamping class.  let me tell you it was great fun, can't wait to do more and try more... but it gives me an appreciation for designers that do this... like lisa leonard (who I think in fantastic!) it was hecka hard! but that's why its a craft!
stamps... of another kind.
so watch out all you up coming birthdays, holidays, gift giving situations... this may be part of it!
xoxo, HH

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MArch 6, 2011

S: Leviticus 3-4

P: had good intentions but they all flew out the door with sleeping in until 9 and not getting dressed until 4 pm... yes I'm exhusted.  no not complaining. just stating.

C: spent lots of time on the computer doing swim stuff and then had fun looking at Pineterst for a while... go check it out its great.

did go over the the folks for dinner (hense finally getting dressed) and had a little party for Mom & for our friend Doni who turned the big 5.0.
laugh on ladies. laugh on.

cheers to another week!

xoxo, HH

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 5, 2011

S:  Prayed for sun... it was sunny & beautiful.

P: Watched a lot of swimming today... did a lot of sitting myself today... long day... workout tomorrow.
cali girls...
C: nothing on the creative front.

xoxo, HH

March 4, 2011

S: prayed for safe driving. it was answered.

P: walked in Pismo and SLO... should have brought my running shoes... dang it.
walk the plank.

C:  enjoyed being at the coast again and in quaint small towns... love the inspiration that is to be found...

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you!

xoxo, HH

March 3, 2011

S:  Leviticus 3

P:  Ran a 5k in about 42 minutes... (1/8 lap walk 3.5-3.7 1/8 lap run at 6.0)... wore my new lululemon socks today... they have a R and L ... therefore they rock...  I mean really right and left... must really be a running freak!

C:  Have been craving these...
girl scout drop out
but have only given into 5 out of the whole box...  love them and their seasonality...
tomorrow I'm off to have my swimmers go FAST in SLO...

xoxo, HH

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

S:  Leviticus 2

P:  Gym, treadmill run / walk (1/8 mile changes, 3.7 mph and 5.5 mph).  I need to remember it feels GOOD.
tonight (every 2nd of the month) I take some measurements & photos for reference.  even though I'm back to January's sizes, I feel more capable and stronger.  just keep pressing on.
exercise is a need. not a should. it is black and white.
C:  I wish I knew how to take a lightening photo because it was awesome and tons tonight, but that will have to wait until the next storm..

xoxo, HH

March 1, 2011

S:  couldn't find my bible, too tired to look it up on my iPhone, so just some prayers... no readings.

P: none... had other commitments...

C:  today flew. literally. it was work. work. using my phone as a phone at lunch. work. work. drive. other work meeting. drive. shower. bed.  trying to remember to...
in out in out in out

xoxo, HH


S: Leviticus 1

P: Went to the gym... treadmill 40 minutes.

C:   this day was very long 17 patients (3 new) in 8 hours = work overkill and slightly frustrating and left little to be creative with... but bed time for crashing.
tomorrow is today.
tomorrow. and the next 3 months. repeat this schedule.

xoxo, HH