Saturday, April 16, 2011

14th of April 2011

S: praying some more... yes it's one of those weeks.

P: Awesome day at the gym... I remember back in Spring of 2002 I would go to the same gym as now with my friend & his parents & we would all run 20 minutes on the treadmill... well they would... I never could... and once I ran 2 miles without stopping & swore to never do it again because I almost died... and I clearly remember holding onto the treadmill because I couldn't support myself... well fast forward 9 years... and guess what I did.???!!.. 25 minute run on the treadmill (@ 5.1) for a 2.2 mile run... SWEET!  so exciting! I was thinking the whole time... okay 20 minutes without stopping... and then I was like I think I can run 2 miles... yes yes I can!....  next up a 3 mile run without stopping... & 2 miles in under 20 minutes... that's a high school horror story though.

C: my hipster mom & cousin...
fitting car ride for the two of them.

xoxo, HH

13th of April 2011

S: praying diligently.

P: 1 mile walk around the block  & was re-certified American Heart Association CPR...

C: Got to play some more with the littles...
viking cutie.
so fun.

xoxo, HH

12th of April 2011

S: praying for lower gas prices...
that'll leave a dent... $4.09
P: run/walk at the gym 3.1 miles...

C:  the cousins came! and Cole showed off his latest prized & glitterfied possession...
a Giant fan...
I love when family is here... only wish I didn't have to work tomorrow!

xoxo, HH

15th of April 2011

S:  Leviticus 22  I'll pass on being a priest.

P:  its amazing I did anything off of the 4 hours of sleep last night... and if the workout from screaming at my swim kids wasn't enough I went to the gym for a quick sweat session... 3 miles on the bike (Level 3 --> 5)... 1 mile run (5.1 --> 5.8)...

Swimming... My girls pulled out a win again a very hard rival... Sierra... oh boy that was exciting (& heart attack inducing)...  the boys swam well but unfortunately no win.

C:  like a good civil person I am... off went my hard earned money to the government... happy tax day.
signed. sealed. delivered.

xoxo, HH

Monday, April 11, 2011

11th of April

S: Leviticus 20
and definitely a lot of prayer today.

P: Day one of marathon training begins today. 26 weeks until the race, which if all goes as planned will just be the victory lap.   To kick it off I did a 48 minutes of exercise (with warm up and cool down)... with a 5k+ result.  go day 1. if only every day would be this good.  all things start with a single step.

goal: Marathon. for the health of it. day one: check.
C: while not done today... these are some layouts that I finished late, late last night...
andi plum

instax mini [big] love.

over golf.

all the above used Studio Calico past kits... (with a few added things- like alphabets and such)... and speaking of Studio Calico kits... I got March's in the mail today... WHOO HOO!  Here's to a craft night soon!

xoxo, HH

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10th of April 2011

S: Church today was great.  it was on love of laws and laws of love.  the pastor was funny. but the message was important and great. Main focus was Galatians 6.

P:  Rest- Marathon training starts tomorrow :)

C:  I took the 3rd and final installment of Lily's senior pictures... yeah! which incorporated these...
day dream believer.
oh the joys of simple balloons. today I am choosing to celebrate the simple joys, for other things in life are a struggle & the joy will be worth the struggle, I'm sure of it.

xoxo, HH

p.s. apparently property taxes are due today... man the joys of homeowner-ship.

9th of April 2011

S: Leviticus 19

P:  went to the gym early... with Evie... and was thinking I'd do about a 5k... (especially since she gets so board)... but she suggested 7 miles... and I went with it for a few reasons:
           the weekend is for your *long* run... 7 is the longest distance ever ran...
           7 miles is what the Bay 2 Breakers run is about....
           she asked me 'how long' around 2.5 miles... and I was feeling good
           I had no where I had to be... and was thinking of the guilt free day that would come after this
           I thought I could so I did....

lessons learned from the run...
  ..... if the sister who challenges you hasn't got the proper equipment on .... it might not be a good idea... especially if she is competitive.... and wants to finish first.... I was running to "walking on broken glass" and she was feeling like she was.... ouch!.... body glide is a lifesaver... if you forget your water bottle in the car, go out and get it.... run walk run with a few challenges thrown in like 1 mile non-stop... or 1/4 mile sprint... speeds the time up...  and pack some food for after the run (grapes, oranges, gatorade)... but most of all what I learned is 7 miles is doable... and feels good... and its 1/2 way to a 1/2... SWEET!

C: today I had a lot of outfits... pj's. gym. fashion show. ranch (sheep work). to the parents for dinner. then home. which means lots of laundry & shoes.
fancy footwear.
Good thing I have plenty of options & am able to dress each part. (PS... love my new OPI nail color... break a leg warmer... its gray goodness)
another great day.

xoxo, HH

8th of April 2011

S: nada

P:  ran this morning... not the intended 5 miles like hoped... but just a 5k's worth... I was on the treadmill and there are 2 types at the gym... the newer ones are 'faster'... but my head is stuck on a number/ mph and its hard to drop down in mph to maintain... I just don't get it... reminder to self: use old treadmills.  hey and I got to the next level at nike+... 155 miles ran! wooohooo...

C: went thrift store shopping today with my mom... this was hilarious...
screw sugar... jello rules in this house...
maybe this is a sign that you are getting old... jello.
fun random fact... every time I right yellow... i think yello-w... and say it to the jello theme song...

the sunset on the way to meet up with friends for dinner was awesome...

and then going to their house to catch up and sip some tea... divine.

had a 'nothing' that HAS to be done today kind of day but it was full of friends and family... love that kind of day.

xoxo, HH

Saturday, April 9, 2011

7th of April, 2011

S: Leviticus 17-18

P:  although I had NO desire to go workout and even in my 'weekly to do list' today way my 'rest day'... but since a few things happened (read cancellation of the swim meet- because of SNOW...)

troopers... setting up in the snow...

I had a little more energy than I originally expected to have and also had a lot more time than originally expected... so I went to the gym... I walked a 5k again... although there, had no mo-jo to run... but then I challenged myself (secondary to not really sweating)... to run 1 mile... no stopping... as fast as I could... so it was right at a 12 minute mile a little less actually... and got some good sweat going on... so I did around 4.3 miles today... tomorrow 5 miles is planned...

C:   such a wild weather day... as evidenced by this photo...

evil vs. good sky

yeah that its my Friday.. 3 day weekend... lets roll.
xoxo, HH

Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th of April 2011

S: It was a day that started in prayer... since first thing I did was blow the breaker switch...

ark falt... more like de-falt
I'm thinking my Dad needs to fix this... like pronto...

bible is still in the car from after church... to lazy to go out and get it... plus its was SUPER late when I finally crawled into bed...

P:  even though I didn't want to go for a run, I went for a walk... no running allowed... 2.66 miles (the short loop)... good to be out in the fresh air... and I wasn't lazy. and found a new blog/ tumblr to follow... she is pretty awesome... and full of inspiration...

C:  tried out the new bakery next door... had the breakfast cupcake... 

bacon. bacon. bacon.
interesting to say the least... and no this is NOT cheating on Lent... cupcake is word that is stretched in this situation! and I told my office manager that I don't think I'd order it but could totally see myself 'CRAVING' them if I was pregnant or something... I'm totally not... impossible actually, just totally thought of it being possibly randomly crave-able...   but if KP was in town I would totally take her there and make her try it... not that she even knows me or anything...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5th of July, 2011

S: praying about the swim season (& next year too)... not sure how I'm feeling about it right now... on a positive though the girls won :)
P:  nothing... just beat... maybe the sun? thinking rest maybe the best...

C: signed up for this class... am really excited... will force myself to scrapbook...  just really want to sit down and do something other than read... run... or coach... or work...
awe... love the sunset..

a bakery/ coffee shop opens next door to my work tomorrow... a little excited... and a little nervous for my waist line... hope its good... or maybe not...

xoxo, HH

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4th of April 2011

S: nothing...

P:  Ran a 5k today... the loop just backwards... 40 min... felt good...  had every teenage girl singing in my head... Britney, Christina, Hillary, Miley, oh yeah it was a good time...

C:  today was definitely a Monday... I went to work without my phone... um I didn't know it was really attached to me... but I didn't panic... I just came back home at lunch to reconnect with myself...

I believe I got just about everything on my list done for today! hooray! with a little fun thrown in there too...  like how I changed my blog style... whoo hoo....

yellow & gray...
white, gray, & a hint of purplish pink...

love the cleaner feel... and if you know me... white is kind of my obsession...

something that isn't my kind of obsession... bell peppers... I have decided that I can't stand them... just an FYI...

 xoxo, HH

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3rd of April 2011

S:  Church... the Fruits of the Spirit

P: nothing...  but I did make something delicious... yummy!

when life gives you lemons make muffins.

C: took some more photos of my sister for her senior portiats... this one's a fav...
senior squirt.
super busy week... lets rock & roll...

xoxo, HH

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2nd of April 2011

S:  Leviticus 16

P:  got up an went for a run... a little extension of the normal to get to a 5k amount...
Add caption
really loved the song... 'one step at a time'... and that is how I fell... 

....when you need to find the strength
It's your faith that makes you stronger
The only way you get there
Is one step at a time
....I'll find the reason, one step at a time.  

C: my to do list is literally a mile long today... but got LOTS done... hooray!

here is part of the yesterday's redone stuff in my living room... plus added Easter stuff today...

Spring. Clean.
and I cleaned my fireplace glass...  my hands didn't fair to well... all black and such! blah!  and I'm deciding on the chair on the left... yellow & white stripes? hum... and need to switch the lamp shade... and I'm thinking a corner desk in the right may be just right...

then here is and entry way... 
much better.

still need a photo to blow up large and put in the frame on the bottom left... and I may change out the other photo above it...

then I did stuff for the swim team (a lot more work than I thought!)... and then more stuff for swim...

had dinner at the folks... Dad decided the lazy Susan should be kicked up a notch and accidentally over spun in... it was hilarious!

yeah that tomorrow is Sunday... oh the to do list may actually get to become the to done list!

xoxo, HH

1st of April 2011

S:  Leviticus 15

P: took a day of rest.

C:  redid part of my living room.... aka cleaned it up... with the help of my mom... and starting to intently think on painting my front door yellow and what summer colors I will go with in my living room and front porch...  also went on a few errands and picked up some new plants to liven up the front porch...
totally cheated. but hey its beautiful!
then went down to the ranch to see all the new lambs and visit friends...
let it bee spring!
posing for the camera.
home home on the ranch.
always have loved the mystery of this door.

great April Fool's day. even though my aide and a patient totally fooled me... but we won't discuss that here...

xoxo, HH

March 31, 2011

S:  Matthew 27-28

P:  went for the same loop (okay a little different, but basically the same... I may either be obsessed or really love the sunshine)... and I did a little different than normal... I ran the hills... dang, that was hard. but do-able... and that is what its all about... doing it.  I talked myself into finally going, and was glad I did... dusk was just right... I tried out my new sports bra... I think its good to go... I also really dug this song today... nothing but a good time ... great jam and loved the words...

C:  my photo of the day could have been of many things... me laughing so hard this morning at my patients... all of them were goofy... sunshine?... or me singing with the windows rolled down in my car on my drive home... of how I cleaned up some of my house and swept the driveway... or how I spent the time reading blogs outside on my porch with a cherry limeade to enjoy the sunshine... (can I just say I adore this girls blog... and to finally hear her voice/ see her quirkiness/ and know her mom is also a PT... I just adore her that much more...) or of my run at dusk... but no its my dinner/ snack/ food of choice today....such comfort... and I needed the calcium for sure.
grams & milk!
goodbye March... hello April!

xoxo, HH

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 30, 2011

S:  still nothing.  I guess sometimes I do other stuff.  Learning to let go.

P: Worked a lot today and then had a little night out on the town. so this was negated.

C:  Pub Trivia.  Mind sharpening. Good times.

which one... hum....
tangerine dream. blue moon I am not cheating on you.
pub wood fire oven pizza.
we won. yep. stoked.
oh I'll be back for the next trivia night. it was a grand-ol'-time.

xoxo, HH

March 29, 2011

S:  nothing.

P:  Went for the same loop run as yesterday.  A little better of a feeling.  Can't get enough of this new thing in the sky... the sun!
welcome Spring!
sunroof is open for business. 

C:  FINALLY the Southern twin came over for a little bit of scrapbooking... got a few pages done.. I think I'm getting slower... hump...

currents <3's...
so great to be creative non-the less... and I think I have decided that I REALLY need to go through all my stuff and organize it a little better.... weekend project? only if it really does get cloudy... otherwise I'll be out on my porch reading...

xoxo, HH

March 28, 2011

S: Matthew 26

P: went for a 2.9 run/ walk with Lily in the bright sunshine that was out... even broke out the visor.  so great! a nice reason to get back into the game.
I also made my calendar for marathon training tonight.  oh what a great 26 weeks it will be to get to the 26.2 mark.

C:  love some bright colors to match the sun that is shining on this Monday.
favorite accessory.
its always a great feeling to feel a little 'me' when I get dressed in the mornings... another reason to love Mondays...

xoxo, HH

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011

S:  Matthew 25

P: nada. but I still am eating healthy!
salad. apples. squaw. & blue moon.
C:  Lots of creative stuff today...
Started with the Studio Calico stuff going on sale...  April's kit that is... then I did a few hunts on Pinterest... 
then got off the computer to do real stuff...
off to the folks to say bye to the sister whom returned to school after spring break... punk.
then... Mom & I headed to town where I proceeded to buy a few new things at TJ Maxx... (love that store)... they had 4 packages of Thickers for 4.99... um yeah they came home with me.... and I have been thinking citron and gray and lots of white for my bedroom so I found a blanket that I liked there too...  (I also had a few items from Ross that I bought a few months ago...) so after grabbing a sweet tea at McD's I decided that hopefully winter is over and a day of spring cleaning my room was a good thing... so I redecorated too...
so fresh.
opposite side.
pebble bathroom.

happy with the change.

then when that was over I taught myself how to sew a zipper.... and made a small pouch...

zip it.

not the greatest end product, and I even had 3 tutorials by me... but I didn't understand them, so I did my own thing... it looks good for a 1st timer... I'll have to ask my mom how to really do it...

xoxo, HH

March 26, 2011

Smile its SATURDAY!

happy girls
S:  Matthew 24   be prepared. no one will know when HE returns. but there are signs. and note that earth will pass on but HIS words are forever.

on another note I was at a party in the evening and I was telling someone what I was up to... work, work, work, marathon, etc... and later she came back and said what an 'impressive young woman I am'... and I WISH I would have said 'its not me, its the Lord's doing'... I hate replaying conversations in my head.

P:  its a scary thing to tell people of such grand endeavors... its great for the support, but then its scary to let my mind think... what if I never do it... and don't succeed? mind quit the negative self talk!

Mom & Audrey
C:  not my typical creative things but my fam (5/6) wen to visit my cousins and I helped her get ready for her son's birthday... look at this buzz...

to infinity and beyond

cut out by mom, put together by me... I would have benefited from a degree in architecture for this one... trust me...
and I did a few other boards (pin the arm on Woody, and 'Cole's Room' bulletin board)...  all fun and helpful!  love a great busy Saturday.

xoxo, HH

March 25, 2011

S:  Matthew 23

Thankful. It was moving to say the least to go walked the wall for the Vietnam memorial.

freedom does not come free.

too many for words.

It was fantastic.  and surreal.  one guy left a budwiser and a butterfinger by someone's name. and another lady was doing a 'cheers' with a shot of alcohol to a name.  all moving and I'm sure they all have a story behind them.  go see it if its ever close by.

P: nothing.

C: tonight scraping a few things... (late night, no light, iPhone photos...)
am joe

new book markers
 fun to play with my craft stuff...

xoxo, HH