Saturday, April 16, 2011

14th of April 2011

S: praying some more... yes it's one of those weeks.

P: Awesome day at the gym... I remember back in Spring of 2002 I would go to the same gym as now with my friend & his parents & we would all run 20 minutes on the treadmill... well they would... I never could... and once I ran 2 miles without stopping & swore to never do it again because I almost died... and I clearly remember holding onto the treadmill because I couldn't support myself... well fast forward 9 years... and guess what I did.???!!.. 25 minute run on the treadmill (@ 5.1) for a 2.2 mile run... SWEET!  so exciting! I was thinking the whole time... okay 20 minutes without stopping... and then I was like I think I can run 2 miles... yes yes I can!....  next up a 3 mile run without stopping... & 2 miles in under 20 minutes... that's a high school horror story though.

C: my hipster mom & cousin...
fitting car ride for the two of them.

xoxo, HH

13th of April 2011

S: praying diligently.

P: 1 mile walk around the block  & was re-certified American Heart Association CPR...

C: Got to play some more with the littles...
viking cutie.
so fun.

xoxo, HH

12th of April 2011

S: praying for lower gas prices...
that'll leave a dent... $4.09
P: run/walk at the gym 3.1 miles...

C:  the cousins came! and Cole showed off his latest prized & glitterfied possession...
a Giant fan...
I love when family is here... only wish I didn't have to work tomorrow!

xoxo, HH

15th of April 2011

S:  Leviticus 22  I'll pass on being a priest.

P:  its amazing I did anything off of the 4 hours of sleep last night... and if the workout from screaming at my swim kids wasn't enough I went to the gym for a quick sweat session... 3 miles on the bike (Level 3 --> 5)... 1 mile run (5.1 --> 5.8)...

Swimming... My girls pulled out a win again a very hard rival... Sierra... oh boy that was exciting (& heart attack inducing)...  the boys swam well but unfortunately no win.

C:  like a good civil person I am... off went my hard earned money to the government... happy tax day.
signed. sealed. delivered.

xoxo, HH

Monday, April 11, 2011

11th of April

S: Leviticus 20
and definitely a lot of prayer today.

P: Day one of marathon training begins today. 26 weeks until the race, which if all goes as planned will just be the victory lap.   To kick it off I did a 48 minutes of exercise (with warm up and cool down)... with a 5k+ result.  go day 1. if only every day would be this good.  all things start with a single step.

goal: Marathon. for the health of it. day one: check.
C: while not done today... these are some layouts that I finished late, late last night...
andi plum

instax mini [big] love.

over golf.

all the above used Studio Calico past kits... (with a few added things- like alphabets and such)... and speaking of Studio Calico kits... I got March's in the mail today... WHOO HOO!  Here's to a craft night soon!

xoxo, HH

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10th of April 2011

S: Church today was great.  it was on love of laws and laws of love.  the pastor was funny. but the message was important and great. Main focus was Galatians 6.

P:  Rest- Marathon training starts tomorrow :)

C:  I took the 3rd and final installment of Lily's senior pictures... yeah! which incorporated these...
day dream believer.
oh the joys of simple balloons. today I am choosing to celebrate the simple joys, for other things in life are a struggle & the joy will be worth the struggle, I'm sure of it.

xoxo, HH

p.s. apparently property taxes are due today... man the joys of homeowner-ship.

9th of April 2011

S: Leviticus 19

P:  went to the gym early... with Evie... and was thinking I'd do about a 5k... (especially since she gets so board)... but she suggested 7 miles... and I went with it for a few reasons:
           the weekend is for your *long* run... 7 is the longest distance ever ran...
           7 miles is what the Bay 2 Breakers run is about....
           she asked me 'how long' around 2.5 miles... and I was feeling good
           I had no where I had to be... and was thinking of the guilt free day that would come after this
           I thought I could so I did....

lessons learned from the run...
  ..... if the sister who challenges you hasn't got the proper equipment on .... it might not be a good idea... especially if she is competitive.... and wants to finish first.... I was running to "walking on broken glass" and she was feeling like she was.... ouch!.... body glide is a lifesaver... if you forget your water bottle in the car, go out and get it.... run walk run with a few challenges thrown in like 1 mile non-stop... or 1/4 mile sprint... speeds the time up...  and pack some food for after the run (grapes, oranges, gatorade)... but most of all what I learned is 7 miles is doable... and feels good... and its 1/2 way to a 1/2... SWEET!

C: today I had a lot of outfits... pj's. gym. fashion show. ranch (sheep work). to the parents for dinner. then home. which means lots of laundry & shoes.
fancy footwear.
Good thing I have plenty of options & am able to dress each part. (PS... love my new OPI nail color... break a leg warmer... its gray goodness)
another great day.

xoxo, HH