Saturday, April 16, 2011

15th of April 2011

S:  Leviticus 22  I'll pass on being a priest.

P:  its amazing I did anything off of the 4 hours of sleep last night... and if the workout from screaming at my swim kids wasn't enough I went to the gym for a quick sweat session... 3 miles on the bike (Level 3 --> 5)... 1 mile run (5.1 --> 5.8)...

Swimming... My girls pulled out a win again a very hard rival... Sierra... oh boy that was exciting (& heart attack inducing)...  the boys swam well but unfortunately no win.

C:  like a good civil person I am... off went my hard earned money to the government... happy tax day.
signed. sealed. delivered.

xoxo, HH

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